Spring 2020 TA/TM Day has ended
TA/TM Day is presented by the Centre for Educational Excellence in cooperation with the Office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows and with consultation from the Teaching Support Staff Union at Simon Fraser University

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Friday, January 10

8:00am PST

Contact Names and Resources
Contact Information
Session 1.1
Hope Power (SFU Library) hpower@sfu.ca
Sylvia Roberts (SFU Library) sroberts@sfu.ca
Session 1.2
Jade Ho (TSSU) organizer@tssu.ca
Lillian Deeb (TSSU) chief_steward@tssu.ca
Katie Gravestock (Geography) Kgravest@sfu.ca
Session 1.3
Treena Chambers (Public Policy) treenac@sfu.ca
Maddie Knickerbocker (First Nations Studies) mknicker@sfu.ca
Session 1.4
Chantelle Spicer (Sociology and Anthropology) cspicer@sfu.ca
CJ Rowe (Sexual Violence Support and Prevention Office) cj_rowe@sfu.ca
Session 1.5
Kelli Finney (Department of Linguistics) kfinney@sfu.ca
Dasha Gluhareva (Department of Linguistics) dgluhare@sfu.ca
Session 2.1
Kar-On Lee (Centre for Educational Excellence, LTT) cal2@sfu.ca
Christina Drabik (Centre for Educational Excellence, LTT) cdrabik@sfu.ca
Session 2.2
Lillian Deeb, (TSSU) chief_steward@tssu.ca
Katie Gravestock (Geography) kgravest@sfu.ca
Session 2.3 
Carson Zellman (Department of Chemistry) czellman@sfu.ca
Yi Yuan (Department of Chemistry) yya155@sfu.ca
Session 2.4
CJ Rowe (Sexual Violence Support and Prevention Office) cj_rowe@sfu.ca
Paola Quiros (Sexual Violence Support and Prevention Office) paola_quiros@sfu.ca
Session 2.5
Sarah-May Strange (School of Criminology) sarah_strange@sfu.ca
Session 3.1 
Natalia Azize (Faculty of Education) nazize@sfu.ca
Session 3.2
Fiona Shaw (Centre for Educational Excellence, EAL) eal_ad@sfu.ca
Amanda Wallace (Centre for Educational Excellence, EAL) ajw23@sfu.ca
Ismaeil Fazel (Centre for Educational Excellence, EAL) ismaeil_fazel@sfu.ca
Eilidh Singh, (Centre for Educational Excellence, EAL) ceilidh_singh@sfu.ca
Session 3.3
Michelle La (Sociology and Anthropology) michelle_la@sfu.ca
Emma MacFarlane (Student Learning Commons) emma_macfarlane@sfu.ca
Session 3.4
Medha Satish Kumar (Beedie School of Business) msatishk@sfu.ca
Vanessa Shum (Beedie School of Business) vsa8@sfu.ca
Session 3.5 
George Temple (English) george_temple@sfu.ca
Jade Ho (Education) yichienh@sfu.ca
Session 4.1
Julia Lane (Student Learning Commons) julia_lane@sfu.ca
Amanda Goldrick-Jones (Student Learning Commons) agoldric@sfu.ca
Session 4.2
Michelle Verbrugghe (Student Conduct Office) michelle_verbrugghe@sfu.ca
Heather Roberts (Student Conduct Office ) hlr@sfu.ca
Andrea Ringrose (Campus Public Safety) andrea_ringrose@sfu.ca
Lisa Ogilvie (Health and Counselling Services) logilvie@sfu.ca
Session 4.3
Alicia Massie (School of Communication) amassie@sfu.ca
Jade Ho (Faculty of Education) yichienh@sfu.ca
Session 4.4
Lindsay Simpson (Sociology and Anthropology) lesimpso@sfu.ca
*Note: TAs and TMs are encouraged to review Article XXV: M of the SFU/TSSU Collective Agreement, as it pertains to compensation for mandatory and non-mandatory orientation and/or professional development.

Other Offices to Contact for Information or Assistance 
Career Services | www.sfu.ca/career.html
Centre for Educational Excellence| www.sfu.ca/cee
Centre for Accessible Learning | www.sfu.ca/students/accessible-learning
Crisis Support and Intervention |www.sfu.ca/students/disabilityaccess/resources/crisis-support.html
Graduate Student Society | www.sfugradsociety.ca
Health and Counselling Services |www.students.sfu.ca/health
Human Resources | www.sfu.ca/human-resources
Human Rights Office | www.sfu.ca/humanrights
Indigenous Student Centre | www.students.sfu.ca/indigenous
International Services for Students | www.sfu.ca/students/iss.html
Laboratory Safety Training* | www.sfu.ca/srs/work-research-safety/research-safety/lab-safety-training.html
New and Young Worker Health and Safety Orientation* www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/blog/year/2016/12/NewWorkerSafetyOrientation.html
Office for Aboriginal Peoples | www.sfu.ca/aboriginalpeoples.html
Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies | www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies
Office of the VP Academic | www.sfu.ca/vpacademic
Ombuds Office | www.sfu.ca/ombudsperson.html
Out on Campus | sfss.ca/ooc/
Research Commons (at W.A.C. Bennett Library) | www.lib.sfu.ca/about/branches-depts/rc
Sexual Violence & Misconduct Prevention, Education & Support Policy | www.sfu.ca/policies/gazette/general/gp44.html
Sexual Violence Support and Prevention Office | www.sfu.ca/sexual-violence.html
SFU Sustainability | www.sfu.ca/sustainability.html
Simon Fraser Student Society | www.sfss.ca
Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group | sfpirg.ca
Student Conduct Office | www.sfu.ca/students/studentconduct.html
Teaching Support Staff Union | www.tssu.ca
Women’s Centre | wctr.sfss.ca
Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training* | www.sfu.ca/srs/work-research-safety/general-safety/bullying-and-harassment.html

Friday January 10, 2020 8:00am - 4:30pm PST

8:15am PST

Networking and refreshments
This is a session description.

Friday January 10, 2020 8:15am - 8:30am PST
Diamond Alumni Centre

8:30am PST

Opening Plenary
8:15 - 8:30 (15 mins) Networking, refreshments, and program distribution
8:30 - 8:33 (3 mins) Opening Remarks, Nanda Dimitrov, Senior Director, Centre for Educational Excellence
8:33 - 8:36 (3 mins) Welcome from Jeff Derksen, Dean, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
8:36 - 8:41 (5 mins) Welcome from Marcia Guno, Director, Indigenous Student Centre
8:41 - 8:43 (2 mins) Introduction of GSS Director of Student Life, Graduate Student Society, Lulu Li
8:43 - 8:46 (3 mins) Introduction of Melinda Skura, Senior Director, Environmental Health and Safety
8:46 - 8:49 (3 mins) Introduction of Donna McGee-Thompson, Head, Student Learning Commons
8:49 - 8:51 (2 mins) Introduction of Marie Brunelle, Director, Human Rights Office
8:51 - 9:06 (15 mins) Introduction of Jade Ho, Organizer, Teaching Support Staff Union
9:06 - 9:10 (4 mins) Closing Remarks and logistics, Christine Kurbis, Manager, Teaching and Learning Programs, Centre for Educational Excellence

Friday January 10, 2020 8:30am - 9:20am PST
Diamond Alumni Centre

9:20am PST

Medical Benefits Information Session
Representative from SFU Human Resources, International Services for Students, and StudentCare will lead an information session on the various medical benefit plans available to teaching assistants and tutor-markers. There will also be an opportunity for TAs and TMS to sign up for the benefit plans of choice. Please note: These times are approximate. However, we must end by 9:45 AM so that workshops can begin promptly.
Allyson Dallas (allyson_dallas@sfu.ca) SFU Human Resources
Hanna Lee (www.sfu.ca/students/iss) International Services for Students
Kristin Foster, (kristin@studentcare.net) StudentCare

Friday January 10, 2020 9:20am - 9:45am PST
Diamond Alumni Centre

11:15am PST

5:00pm PST

Spring 2020 TA/TM Day Social
There will be dinner and drinks provided, as well as cheap drinks for purchase.

Friday January 10, 2020 5:00pm - 10:00pm PST
The Study (Maggie Benston Building)
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