Spring 2020 TA/TM Day has ended
TA/TM Day is presented by the Centre for Educational Excellence in cooperation with the Office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows and with consultation from the Teaching Support Staff Union at Simon Fraser University

Matthew Horrigan

Simon Fraser University
Doctoral Student
Contemporary Arts
I grew up in Ottawa from settler ancestry, and am presently studying the history of small music venues in BC since 1964. My home department is Contemporary Arts.

While my main focus is musicology, I have numerous interdisciplinary research interests, including pedagogical ethics and arts criticism. My favourite movie critic is Roger Ebert, my favourite band is Linkin Park (for reasons more aesthetic than nostalgic, really!), and it is my excessively well-researched opinion that The Last Jedi is the best instalment in the Star Wars universe. Besides opinions, I also compose poems, songs, short stories and plays, to varying degrees of success.

If you want me to tell you stories, ask me about my experiences in the film industry.

If you want to tell me stories, I am open to discussing the most nerdy of subjects; for example, I may not (per say) understand the thermodynamic properties of two-dimensional materials, but my attempt is occasionally entertaining.